ABC News, CBS News – Polish death camps – II

Z doswiadczenia pamietam, ze sluchacze OMu – nie zawsze biegli w jazyku tubylcow – bardzo chetnie czytaja listy innych zanim wysla wlasny. Dlatego przytaczam tu dwa swoje listy jakie wyslalam do obu stacji telewizyjnych. Zezwalam i namawiam na dowolny plagiat jesli tylko przypadnie cos Panstwu do gustu.

Mr. Sean McManus
CBS News President
524 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019

Dear Mr. McManus,

On April 14, 2009 CBS News aired a report by Cynthia Bowers that contained the offensive and inexcusable phrase “Polish concentration camp”.

This was not the first time that CBS and other media outlets have resorted to such blatant distortion of history.

Please know, Mr. McManus, that the number of Americans of Polish descent exceeds ten million. Unfortunately, because our culture predisposes us to reaching out and helping, rather than protesting and demanding, such misrepresentations went mostly unchallenged.

But now we say, enough is enough. Taking our cue from well-organized ethnic and minority groups, we intend to react each and every time historical lies are packaged as “news” and ridicule is passed off as “humor”.

Our first step is to ask for an apology from CBS News, to be made in the same venue as the original misinformation was disseminated.
Second, we ask that reporters are educated in the basic facts concerning World War II, for instance, did you know that Poland was the only country occupied by the Germans, where death was the penalty for harboring Jews? And yet, it is Poland that has the largest number of trees planted in the Yad Vashem Museum in memory of those who had risked their lives to saves Jewish lives?

The third step, which we hope to avoid, is to alert advertisers to the fact that their products or services are being promoted by media who think nothing of insulting a sizeable portion of their audience. Thankfully, today’s technology allows for almost instant communication allowing people who live in various parts of the country to band together in protest.


Lucja Sliwa
“Otwarty Mikrofon – Open Mike” Program
WPNA Radio 1490 AM
Oak Park-Chicago

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