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Nadeslal Wojciech Glowacki – December 2011 – From this week’s WWII History Magazine – DEEP HATRED REMAINS AMONG POLES of JEDWABNE

The tragedy that engulfed the Polish town of Jedwabne during World War II continues to rear its ugly head today.

On the morning of July 10, 1941, a group of Poles in the town, allegedly under the c ontrol of German policemen, assembled with the purpose of rounding up the local Jewish citizenry. When they had found enough victims, the Poles made the Jewish men march to the town square where they were beaten and brutalized and forced to pick blades of grass with their hands. Some of the men were ordered to destroy a statue of Lenin and carry the debris out of town singing Soviet patriotic songs.

This group of males, numbering roughly 40, was led by a local rabbi into a barn, where they were shot to a man. The corpses were then dragged from the barn and buried along with the fragments of the Lenin statue.

Later that day, the remaining Jews that had been rounded up earlier, approximately 300 women and children, were taken to the same barn and locked inside. The structure was then doused by gasoline and set afire. The occupants were burned alive.

The sad saga of Jedwabne in world War II did not begin with the atrocity of July 10. It was initiated with the German invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939. Two weeks after the Germans rolled across the Polish frontier, the Soviets did the same; the forces converging on the hapless country from east and west. According to the prearranged treaty terms , the Germans, who had initially occupied the town, turned it over to the Soviets some time later.

During the Soviet and NKVD (Soviet Secret Police) occupation of Jedwabne, it was reported that Jews and Poles alike were either enlisted into civil servic e or auxiliary jobs, rounded up and deported to Siberia, or summarily executed. Some observers recalled that the Soviets allowed Jews who swore allegiance to Moscow to be placed in positions of authority, often enough guarding the Poles on their way to an unknown collective fate. Herein may have laid the root of the Polish reprisal against the local Jews following the German invasion of the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941. The reported massacre of the Jews occurred only two weeks later.

Following World War II, a series of investigations was conducted in an effort to fix blame for the massacre of the Jews. The first of these was under the jurisdiction of the Polish Communist government with the intent of also punishing Poles who had collaborated with the Nazis. This was followed by German inquiries. F rom 2002 to 2004, the Polish Institute of National Remembrance released a series of reports that acknowledged the perpetrators were Polish Gentiles and apologized for the atrocity. They also confirmed the presence of the German authorities during the tragedy.

Most recently, in August of this year, vandals struck a monument that had been erected to the memory of those murdered on July 10, 1941. The apparent neo-Nazis or Polish ultra-nationalists scrawled across the monument with spray paint the dreaded SS runes and the hateful comment, “I don’t apologize for Jedwabne – they were flammable.”

Apparently in response to the Polish’ government’s acceptance of its people’s participation in the atrocity and the courage of President Aleksandr Kwasniewski to own up to the fact, these individuals felt compelled to deface the memorial. At press time, an investigation is continuing.

While World War II ended more than six decades ago, incidents such as this indicate that mankind still has far to go when it comes to tolerance and forgiveness. Consider that those who committed the vandalism were very likely born at least 30 years after the end of the war. Another generation of hate? For everyone’s sake, let us hope this is not so.

Michael E. Haskew

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24 czerwiec 2009 -

Boycott SUBWAY

Most of us have stayed away from the box office bomb that is LAND OF THE LOST. Those who have had the misfortune of seeing the film know that there is a Polish slur when Will Ferrell’s character (Rick Marshall) states that the T-Rex is actually more stupid than Polish people due to its walnut-sized brain. What is more disturbing than this pathetic attempt at being funny is what Will Ferrell said about it in an interview.
Q: It’s been so long since anyone has done Polish jokes. Have they come back around?

WILL FERRELL: Yeah, probably.

Q: Are you expecting any kind of blow back from the Polish community?

WILL FERRELL: I would be flattered if there was. Yeah. I know, it’s so funny. It made us laugh, the fact of reintroducing that in it, and especially that Rick Marshall would use that as a reference. It’s like in his nerdy mind it would be like, “It’s a pretty funny reference, right?” But that’s funny that you’d pick that out.
Since Will Ferrell looks forward to the extra publicity that some media outcry on the part of the Polish-American community would create, let’s go after some of the money behind the promotion of this film. As we all have seen, SUBWAY Restaurants has had a promotional tie-in with the film, which continues to this day. If you go to the SUBWAY Web site, you will see that an ad for the film comes up right in the middle of the Web site.
I urge you to boycott SUBWAY Restaurants until they end their association with a film that is so blatantly insulting to Poles everywhere. It’s one thing to be associated with a bad film and still another to be associated with bigotry.
I also urge you to take a few minutes to write to the founder and president of SUBWAY – Fred De Luca. Maybe he will rethink his promotional tie-ins next time.
Fred De Luca, President
SUBWAY Restaurant Headquarters
325 Bic Drive
Milford, CT 06461-3059
Fax: + 1-203-783-7893

Here is a sample letter:
Dear Mr De Luca,
With the recent theatrical release of LAND OF THE LOST, we were very disappointed to see that the film’s writers and producers were so lacking in creativity that they resorted to a Polish slur in a pathetic and failed effort to be funny. The objectionable remark is made by Will Ferrell’s character when he states that the T-Rex is actually more stupid than Polish people due to its walnut-sized brain.
We are equally disappointed that SUBWAY Restaurants have entered into a close promotional relationship with the film and that your promotion of the film continues to this day. Perhaps you were unaware of this line of dialogue prior to the film’s release, but there is no excuse now. It is one thing to be associated with a bad film and still another to be associated with a film that20is insulting.

Perhaps you are unaware of the fact that there are 12 million Polish-Americans, constituting one of the largest ethnic groups in the United States. A city like Chicago, where there are over 200 SUBWAY locations, has a population of over one million Polish-Americans. In fact, some of the SUBWAY franchises are probably owned by Polish-Americans. It is unacceptable that SUBWAY would support a film that calls them stupid.

As long as SUBWAY’s promotion of LAND OF THE LOST continues, we will make every effort to encourage Polish-Americans and others who have evolved beyond the ignorance of ethnic=2 0slurs (as they are slurs, not jokes) to refrain from spending their hard-earned money at SUBWAY.

16 czerwiec 2009 -

From: Adam T Cios md
Sent: Sunday, June 14, 2009 11:43 AM
Subject: antypolonism w Chicago Tribune

Drodzy Koledzy/zanki,

I znowu to sie stalo, czy przez zwykla niewiedze, czy umyslnie, tego nie wiem, ale “Polish Holocaust” okreslenie pojawilo sie w magazynie “Parade” w dzisiejszej Chicago Tribune (Sun, Jun 14th, 2009).podczas wywiadu z jakims aktorzyna.

Zamieszczam link do artykulu a takze pdf. file z podkreslonym niefortunnym sformulowaniem: (click on “next page” and it shows in the first paragraph)

Zachecam wszystkich do protestow, mozna wyslac web-mail at:

Mozna rowniez dzwonic do wydawcow, szcegolnie pana Walter Anderson, CEO (212) 450-7168 (inne kontakty: )


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